Our Story

Mexicanísima was born from the fascination and emotion that colors, shapes and meanings of Mexican art provoke in me. Also from the enjoyment of going to the towns in Mexico and getting to see first hand the artisans work in clay, wood, metals, leather and textiles (my favorites), which has led me to value even more each magical piece that comes out of those artist's hands.. I had the desire to start a business that was different from my profession (Psychologist) and knowing that craftsmanship is a passion of mine, I chose that it be my undertaking. Mexicanísima was born in April 2018, offering handmade bags for women. I have enjoyed these three years enormously, I get stuck and unravel, I'm presented with challenges that scare me and then I take on the courage to tread on. Only to bring with great joy, these magical pieces, to those who are far from Mexico, it's like bringing a little piece of their beloved land to them.